We Found and Service

Renewable Energy Communities

We provide

Renewable Baseload-Energy

to the Citizens

Our Identity

Renewable Energy Communities


Energy for the Social Cohesion

The Idea

Next Level of Citizen Participation,

Co-Ownership of the Local Plant

Delivering Regional Renewable Energy

Best Service

Centralisised comprehensive Support

for Financing, Organization, IT and Plants

delivering carefree Energy

Best Technology

optimal Energy-Harvest and Storage

mid-sized freefield Plants - at Optimized Costs

Local Value-Ad with Regional Partners

Baseload Energy

Photovoltaic Plants combined with

Utility Scale Storage Systems

Delivering Energy at any Time

Future of Energyproduction

Regional Energy Cooperatives are the precursor

of the upcoming EU-wide Revolution in the Energy Sector

Renewable Energy Communities will become National Law in EU member states within the next 2 years.

What we do

We finance, build and operate Solar-Plants

Photo-voltaic combined with Utility Grade Electrical Storage Systems. Each Plant is owned by the locally anchored Energy Cooperative. Citizens participate via Membership in the Coop.

We deliver centralized Support and Service for the continuous Operation of the Plant and the Coop, including organizational, technical and IT-Services.

Financing and Organization


Know How and Project Management


Our Commitment and Communication




Our Portfolio

Design and Dimensioning of the plant fitting to the local requirements. Embedded in the local Energy Infrastructure. Cooperating with local Partner and global Technology Provider.

An Overview of our Portfolio and first Impressions.


Panels, Installation

Sample Configuration


Utility Grade

Sample Configuration

Business Model

Harvest and Storage of the Energy

Supplying the Coop and Trade of Surplus Capacity

Service & Support

Full Service for Carefree Energy

Regional Energy Services

The Team

Robert Wagner


Responsibility - Business Model

Robert has been holding senior positions in the areas of business development and innovation management at global IT service provider focused on public sector, energy and utilities in Austria, Western Europe and CEE countries.

Wolfgang Kloser

Co - Founder

Responsibility - Finance

Wolfgang has been holding senior positions in the areas of finance and business development, with particular focus on CEE countries, Southeast-Asia and North-America.

Warmold van der Feltz

Co - Founder

Responsibility - NL

Warmold has been holding senior positions at Ernst & Young Consulting, CitizenM and Constantia in the areas of consulting, business development, finance, with particular focus on CEE countries and Western Europe. He is based in The Netherlands.

Our Path

Current State and next Steps

Regional Energy Europe has been founded in The Hague NL and we are ramping up our operation.

We are forming our partner landscape and are in close contact with communities. Further more we are in constant exchange with stakeholder like the Austrian BMVIT and the regulatory body for the Energy Market - E-Control.

A shortlist of our possible technology partner is established.

Planning of the pilot-plant is well under way, the municipality is selected, the land for the plant negotiated and reserved.

Financing of the pilot-plant assets is negotiated and prepared.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Associated Partner Status at the https://www.eranet-smartenergysystems.eu


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